Whoopie Cushion App Reviews

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Did not work


This game is SOO FUNNY

Rip off!!!!

This app is a rip off!!!! It doesn't even sound real


I love it but make the sounds louder my mom couldn't here it very well and I was right next to her


This app does not even work

I hate it!

Well the farts do sound real I am a 10 year old little girl and my farts are WAY worse don't buy this app even though it's free.

Stupid waste of time!!



I ate beans last night and I did such a better job than this stupid thing ps : don't get this app there's other better apps than ö Kayla


It's okay, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. First off is the fact that you can't actually use it as a Whoopie Cushion. I tried to do it 5 times but nothing happened. The second thing is that it doesn't really look like a Whoopie Cushion when you touch it. All that happens is the cushion gets all distorted in the middle. Otherwise, fun, amusing, and simple app. Love all the different farts you can do, but I might enjoy it more if there was other options because I have heard every one of them already, and it only took me about a minute to do it. Fix these things and I might give it .






Boring none of the sound like real farts wast of memory


This whoopie cushion app is better than the other one.I like this app 4 stars.:)

Classical Gas

What a blast from the past! Do you remember spilling morning breeze on the bus? LOLIMP.........


This app is hilarious! I mess with my friends all the time with this baby!

Really Fun

Lots of sounds! Best whoopie app I've seen! It would be cool if there was a random button where it would choose a random fart noise.

Fun for free

This app is cute. I have a lot of fun with it


Very funney


First,to the person who says that u have no sound, u probably have 1st generation touch which doesn't have a speaker. For the review, this app is ok


This app made me laugh and best of all it's free!!! The only thing is that some of the farts sound the same : (. The creator of this app should make a diharria fart!


This is much better than the other "WhoopieCushion" this one has realistic fart noises. I did this on a friend, thought I farted! :) iFart is worser than a fake fart that someone would make, but this is classic! I love how they have multiple selections instead of just one fart. -Steven Billy Bob

Best such app!

The only improvement I would suggest is to make the variety of sounds accessible by pressing different areas of the cushion thus enabling longer winded and more varied mixed effects.

Fun !!!!!

Nothing is so fun in the middle of the checkout line while shopping. Very juicy good fun !! Like air farts should be free.


This puts the woo in your day jk this is retared !!!!!

No excuses for bad reviews

reasons for why I gave a 5 star 1: It's free, 2: it has like ten sounds each one sounding different from the next, 3: this is the only known free fart machine with more then one sound. Overall because it doesn't cost a cent and has more variety then the other whoopie cushions makes this app a gas.

This app is way better then the other whoppie cushion

More sounds makes it all funnier lol great app!

Utterly stupid

Lots of different sounds, but none sound like a real fart!!!!!!! This is the stupidest app EVER!!!!!!


Only one fart sound


So funny I did the perfect prank and it worked get sisoisoiiioooo recomensede

The best app ever

This is the funniest app ever they should make people pay money for it

What do you expect? It's a fart!

Works just as it says it does. For flatulant humor loves, it doesn't get much better. Worth it for free, but wouldn't spend any $ on it.

It is so funny and you can change it

You can pick what sound you want it to make it's the best app for pranks

Other Whoppie is Better

Title says it all. If I can put zero stars then I would. They other one has a more realistic sound.


I totally LOLed when i heard when i heard the butt cheek squeezer one!!!!!!

U don't know what your talking about

To the person who says that it has no sound: TRY TURNING ON YOUR VOLUME!!! this thing is great!! I luv using it to blame other people!! ;)

Ok but...

The other whoopie app is much better


Nice job DoApp. Thanks for everything! (You gave us copies of React and Punch-O-Meter)

Pretty funny!

This is pretty funny! I love going in a room and choosing one of the selections and blameing it on one of my bros! It's also free which helped make my desicion to download it! If you luv practical jokes this is for u!!

A the best free one

The best free one out there


It's great and it's free! No better deal

No sound

this app has no sound


Game blows




This app was so dumb because it only did one sound. I would get another app if I were u


best whoopie cushion app!!!!! tons of different farts to choose from!!!!! well deserved five stars


Doesn't sound real ..but it's free..icant complain.


Great app. really like the different sounds. Sorry if u think my name is weird I plan on changing it

There are better.

Free, but others are also free, and better.


Ahmazing the best effects are mudslide and splitter but some effects stink. Definetly get it hahaa

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